Cloud Management System

In RoboNimbus project, it is proposed to develop an AI powered, cloud-based platform for smart management of corporate robots in complex operational scenarios.

Figure 1. Features of AI Powered Cloud-based Robot Management System

Robot management software is responsible of coordinating the mobile robot (AMR) with the Cobot Arm during the collection and delivery processes as well as directing the mobile robot to a specific location or directing the Cobot Arm to pick and place the samples brought by AMR.

AMR can be directed to a patient’s room for remote examination/visit or delivery of equipment can identify the patient, collect data from the patient to send to the management software. The management software will direct the robots according to the user commands and provide two-way communication between robots or the robot and the doctor during remote examination. 

Robot Management Software provides;

  1. Command & Status data transmission
  2. Wired or wireless network communication
  3. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format