Project Consortium

BYS Grup:

Founded in 2010, BYS Grup provides project management, consultancy and training services together with tailored solutions in the areas of Information Technology, Statistics and Data Mining, with the aim of developing brand value and institutional capacities in many national and internationally respected business partners in public and private sectors.

BYS Grup has in depth experience in international projects financed by multilateral and bilateral institutions, such as the EU, World Bank, UN and Turkish Research and Scientific Council.

Innovation and R&D needs have become the two indispensable elements for the sustainability in today’s business environment. Hence, BYS Grup also carries out R&D projects in the technology development center, Gazi Technopark, with an innovative and technology-oriented standpoint.

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POLONOM Technology:

Polonom is a research and development company which has emerged out of the work done by the Probabilistic Robotics group in Yıldız Technical University over the past ten years .

Now, with its experienced team, Polonom aims to provide solutions to serve its customers in diverse applications.

Polonom was established in 2017 by Assoc. Prof. Dr Sırma Yavuz and Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkan Uslu, to deliver solutions for a new world in all fields of life.

Polonom aims to maintain the university-industry collaboration to keep up with the state of the art and to create added value in its fields of activity.

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Korean Institute of Robotics & Technology Convergence

KIRO is a global R&D institute specializing in robotics and technology convergence to improve quality of life and national economic development. Our aims are to conduct high-quality R&D, produce a skilled R&D workforce, and advance technologies in robotics and technology convergence from the component level to the system level

We welcome everyone, especially those who are interested in joining KIRO’s efforts whether as a member of KIRO, a collaborator, or an investor in the research, development and business space of robotics and technology convergence.

Join us as we pursue these opportunities for a better future!

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GES Engineering

GES Engineering Co., Ltd. has been established in 2007 in Korea, and has about 40 employees. GES has the development and product items in the area of system engineering, mechanical system control and maintenance systems using VR/AR technologies, etc.

GES has main customers in the power plants and heavyindustrial plants in Korea, and provide them various equipments and solutions.