Robotic Nurse

An intelligent mobile robotic nurse using AI techniques (SLAM, social navigation, deep learning for predictive analysis, Multi-Sensor Data Fusion) will be developed.  Within the scope of Mobile Robotic Nurse component, we will develop:

  • robot manipulation algorithms with local (edge) and cloud computing technology for real-time and non-real time learning jobs respectively.
  • a technology that can integrate contents and robot motion information through works combined with VR/MR technology for human interaction.
  • a seamless co-manipulation algorithm to ensure the cooperative works between robots.
  • a Human Augmentation System using MR (Mixed reality) technology. Human Augmentation System will monitor the status of remote site and control the action of robot via human-robot interaction. 

The mobile robot will have:

  • smart object detection
  • smart motion ability
  • situation awareness of its surroundings